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Specific Items

Bodhi-kun welcome visitors

The Oregon Buddhist Temple relies on the generosity of the Sangha and other supporters interested in our teachings and activities. In addition to monetary donations, OBT also accepts donated items. Below is a list of items we would like to have donated to us. Prior to making the donation, please talk with the contact to verify the item is still needed and to get details on the item request. We also will accept money (full or partial payment) earmarked for these items.

January 2011 Garden tools for Dharma School Garden. Need shovel, rake, and hoe. Amy Peterson
January 2011 First Aid Kit(s) (approximately $75). These kits will be kept (and prominently displayed) in the kitchen and annex. Each kit should include bandages, disinfectant, xxx,xxxx, Facilities Coordinator

Thank you for your generous support!