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Bodhi-kun watering plant

Dana (Sanskrit: दान dāna) is a Sanskrit and Pali term meaning generosity or giving. In Buddhism, it also refers to the practice of cultivating generosity. At OBT, Dana is accepted in both financial support and time.

OBT gratefully accepts on-line donations via PayPal.

Membership / Annual Dues
Become a member. Basic annual dues for 2010 are $200/person or $400/family.
OBT Board
Lotus Circle
Funds flowers for the o-naijin
Jean Matsumoto
OBT On-Line Bookstore / Amazon Associates Program
OBT participates in the Amazon Associate program. We have an on-line bookstore powered by Amazon and for any non-bookstore item purchased from Amazon via the search box and link in the sidebar to the right OBT receives a referral payment.
Ken Garner
OBT participates in the Great Lakes Scrip Program which sells gift certificates for over 700 vendors. Support the temple when you shop.
Ken Garner
Campaign BCA
BCA's vision for the future calls for Jodo Shinshu Buddhism to stand forward as a major religious tradition in the United States—to be recognized by the general public and embraced by a multi-ethnic Sangha. In Spring 2003, the Buddhist Churches of America launched a capital development program to raise $30 million in new assets.
Robert Noguchi
Campaign Manager
Other Donations
Teams of temple members who provide miscellaneous service to the temple (e.g. cleaning, setting up, refreshments for meetings) on a rotating monthly basis.
Kyoko Gibbs
Other Service Projects